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What do you feed wild birds in the winter? I explain this in the article.
Everyone that has land in Texas is familiar with the annoying and destructive (Sus scrofa) otherwise known as the Eurasian wild boar. Texas has an estimated population of anywhere between 1.6 to 2.0 million feral hogs.
You submitted a wildlife plan for the local county appraisal district to review and approve -- now what? The purpose of this article is not to provide legal advise but to educate you on things you may want to do prior to being approved by the local county appraisal district. Let's look at the rule concerning Wildlife Management Use, Title 34 TAC
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the federal pesticide registration of Kaput® Feral Hog Bait on January 3, 2017. EPA registered the product (Registration No. 72500-26) as a "General Use" pesticide. Kaput, the brand name of pesticides produced by Colorado-based Scimetrics Ltd. Corp., is the first toxicant approved by federal authorities for use in feral-hog control.
Wildlife Management - Is it a Tax Avoidance Scheme or a Wildlife/Habitat Improvement Methodology?

The State of Texas is not only a phenomenal State in which to buy real estate, it also is the only State in the U.S. that offers landowners a way to keep rural land taxes low by managing the land for a native or migratory species of wildlife.
To bee, or not to bee: that is the question: That indeed is the question? Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of the Texas Legislature or to take notice of another ag valuation. Nope we ain't exactly quoting Shakespeare but our Texas Legislature added another agricultural use for the purposes of open-space appraisal.
The Texas agricultural exemption is not an exemption. It is a county appraisal district assessment valuation based on agricultural use.  

There is an Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption and the details can be found here.
Are you sure the land is being assessed for agricultural use by the local county appraisal district?

I was on a large south Texas ranch with a friend. As we were driving around this high fenced place that has not been hunted in 4 years, we ran across many BIG bucks. There are no feeders on the place and the cattle have been off for 2 years. I have a great job in helping landowners understand what it takes to qualify their land using the wildlife management tax methodology.
For the wildlife enthusiast who have transitioned their pieces of Texas dirt into wildlife management use, you may be scrutinized more frequently than if you have livestock. Why, because appraisers can SEE livestock, but they may not readily see a wildlife activity.
Supplemental water is one of the seven activities you may use to qualify your property for the wildlife management use valuation. 

What are the water sources for your wildlife?  Keep in mind you have to take into consideration animals other than the deer or our feathered friends. For the small reptiles or mammals, a water source one hundred yards from where they live is like trekking across the Mojave desert.

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