Introduction to Wildlife Management

Do You Know if You Have Qualified Ag Land? Listen to this short message from the TexasWildlifeGuy (a.k.a. Gregg Collum)

Wildlife Management and Taxes

Wildlife management allows a Texas landowner, new or existing,  a way to keep property taxes low.

Before you buy land you must determine if the land is being appraised as agricultural land or is it being taxed at market value.  This will make a big difference on your bottom tax line.

To have the land appraised for wildlife management use, it must FIRST have an agricultural valuation by the county tax appraisal district. In other words “be ag exempt”. The term “ag exemption” does not mean you pay no taxes. It is a misused term and means that the land has an agricultural valuation on it.

The Texas Constitution, the Texas Property Tax Code and the Texas Administrative Code allow Texas land to be appraised for wildlife management use. It is not subject to how the local county tax appraisal district feels. It is law.

The land must be qualified as ag land before you go into wildlife management. You must perform 3 out of 7 practices to qualify the land to be appraised for wildlife management use.

What are the seven practices?


The law requires that you qualify the land with a minimum of 3 of the above areas. No county appraisal district may demand that you perform any specific practice area.

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