Collum Speaks at 21st Annual Outlook for Texas Land Markets

TexasWildlifeGuy (Gregg Collum) Speaking at Conference Sponsored by Texas A&M Real Estate Center

TexasWildlifeGuy (Gregg Collum) Speaking at Conference Sponsored by Texas A&M Real Estate Center

It has been awhile since my last post been busy!

I had the privilege of being asked to speak last week to over 400 plus land brokers, bankers and appraisal district personnel at the 21st Annual Outlook for Texas Land Markets sponsored by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M. Click here for the presentation.

The topics for my presentation were “Qualified 1-D-1 Land and Minimum Acreage” as they pertain to wildlife management use.

As a wildlife consultant and ranch broker my objective was to inform and educate landowners and real estate professionals about these 2 VERY important issues.

I focused on addressing what qualifies a tract of land to be appraised for ag use and dispelled a myth by many land pros and owners that the act of submitting an open-spaces appraisal application (1-d-1) DOES NOT mean the land is being qualified. The landowner has to implement what was submitted on the 1-d-1 ag application or suffer the tax consequences.

The other area I addressed concerned minimum acreages for wildlife management use. I hammered the point home that there are still many county appraisal districts that are getting it wrong or are just being obstinate and cantankerous or are simply misinformed.

Many counties have yet to establish the minimum acreages for wildlife use and those changes in the Texas Administrative code became effective December 11, 2008.

The only thing that will trigger whether or not a qualified tract of ag land has a minimum acreage restriction is when the tract in question is SMALLER in size than it was from the previous tax year. As an example, Joe had a total of 20 acres of qualified ag land and you bought 10 acres out of the 20. This is the only time there will be a minimum acreage restriction to move into wildlife management use, PERIOD!!!!!!

If you’d like to fully understand the entire process, please email or call me and I’ll help you out!






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